Skálmöld frá Þúfum the winner of Gæðingafimi at the Icelandic Championships

Skálmöld frá Þúfum

Skálmöld frá Þúfum and Mette were the winners of Gæðingafimi, a new dicipline to be competed at the Icelandic Championships. The philosophy behind Gæðingafimi is to show a well trained “gæðingur” in an artistic way, where all the training levels are on display. The rider should mix both gaits and excercises together to show a combination of the horse’s balance, cooperation, power and athleticism.

Skálmöld and Mette had a great show but as this was a test with how Gæðingafimi would fit into the Icelandic Championships, they didn’t receive the “Icelandic Champion” title in Gæðingafimi.

Gísli and Trymbill frá Stóra-Ási did also great and were in 2nd place. A video of Mette and Skálmöld’s show can be seen below.

Eiðfaxi took a little interview with Mette after the show that can be seen below.

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