Great success for the Þúfur team at the Icelandic Championships 2021

Skálmöld frá Þúfum

We were really happy with all the horses from Þúfur that participated at the Icelandic Championships 2021.

Sons of Trymbill frá Stóra-Ási did really good in F1 fivegait. Kalsi frá Þúfum and Mette secured a spot in B-finals with 7.20, where the got the 10th place with 7.07. Sólon frá Þúfum and his rider, Guðmundur Björgvinsson, took the silver in a very strong A-finals with 7.67.

Skálmöld frá Þúfum and Mette were in a strong position in V1 fourgait with the 3rd place with 7.60 in the preliminaries. They ended up in 5th place with 7.57 in a very strong A-finals.

List frá Þúfum and Mette received 8.17 in Tölt T1 in the preliminaries, earning them a place in B-finals where they ended up in 9th place with 8.22.

Blundur frá Þúfum and Mette secured a place in A-finals in T2 with 7.77 in the preliminaries, where they got the 4th place in A-finals with 8.38.

We are surely proud of our horses, but there was a horse from Þúfur in all finals on the oval track!

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