Gísli & Mette

The Owners of Þúfur


“There are few things that make us happier than seeing our horses do great after they leave home”


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Meet the team

Gísli Gíslason
Horse Trainer

Mette C. M. Mannseth
Certified Master Trainer

Lea Busch
Trainer & Instructor

Other Staff
Training and Care

The farm is very spacious and provides plenty of area for an authentic upbringing of Icelandic horses. Our youngsters go up to the mountains in Deildardalur every summer and spend few months roaming on their own, building up strength and courage in their natural habitat. We feel that this experience plays a significant role in building up a true Icelandic „gæðingur“.

Today, there are around 10-15 foals born at Þúfur every year but right until 2008 they were only 2-4 each year. The operation of the farm usually consists of half of the training horses being our own breeding while the other half are horses from other breeders and owners. We enjoy training horses for others as well as our own, as every horse offers learning opportunities and experience. That gives us the chance to get to know offsprings of many stallions that we might not have used, giving us valuable information to implement in our own breeding.

Every horse is a new adventure. It starts when the it’s born, where the upbringing and training gives us a chance to be a part of each individual’s development. The dream is to teach the horse to expect good things to happen when being in communication with humans and that this anticipation from the horse continues throughout the horse’s lifetime.

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