Blundur and List both in A-finals in B-flokkur at Fjórðungsmót 2021

Blundur frá Þúfum 2021

The siblings, Blundur and List were both in A-finals at Fjórðungsmót in Borgarnes. Blundur won the B-finals, securing him a place in the A-finals as well.

List frá Þúfum and Mette came into the A-finals in 2nd position with 8.72 in the preliminaries while Blundur came into the B-finals in 11th position with 8.47. Blundur and Mette performed excellently in the B-finals, which they won with 8.75.

List and Mette ended up in 3rd place with 8.83 in very strong A-finals.

Last but not least, Vívaldi frá Torfunesi and Mette had a great sprint in 100m pace race, where they ended up in 3rd place.

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