Þúfur awarded as the “Competition breeding farm of the year” 2021

Kalsi frá Þúfum

Landsamband hestamannafélaga (LH) awarded Þúfur as the competition breeding farm of the year 2021. We are honored and proud to have been selected for these awards out of 5 great breeding farms, renowned for their production of competition horses.

In LH’s announcement states: 
“At Þúfur in Skagafjörður, Gísli Gíslason and Mette Mannseth breed elite performance horses and have done for many years. Horses from them were in all finals on the oval track at the Icelandic Championships, such as Skálmöld, Kalsi, Sólon, Blundur and List. Additionally, Kalsi stood as the winner in A-flokkur at Fjórðungsmót in Borgarnes as well as List and Blundur being in A-finals in B-flokkur.
This is an outstanding achievement as when those horses were being born, there were only around 8-10 foals being born each year. More horses than those mentioned have contributed to this accomplishment such as Kaktus and Værð.
Mette and Gísli start, train and show the vast majority of their horses themselves and are professional to the core.”

Five breeding farms were nominated alongside Þúfur; Íbishóll, Litla-Brekka, Garðshorn á Þelamörk and Syðri-Gegnishólar/Ketilsstaðir. We want to congratulate all nominees with their huge success!

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