IS2019158168 - Strengur frá Þúfum

Strengur frá Þúfum and Gísli showcase 9,5 for gallop
Color: Faded black
Father: Sólon frá Þúfum
Mother: Harpa frá Þúfum
Owners:Mette Mannseth
Gísli Gíslason

Strengur shot to stardom the summer of 2023 when he received the second highest score for a 4 year old stallion to even been given: 8.65 in total. The following autumn he was evaluated the highest stallion in world acording to the Blup with a score 136, as well reciving the price for the highest judged individual 2023.

Strengur is truly a purebred “Þúfur horse” as he is quite inbred out of the ancestors we believe in, such as Kolfinnur frá Kjarnholtum, Gáski frá Hofsstöðum and Náttfari frá Ytra-Dalsggerði. He furthermore combines the pillars in our breeding: Hróður and Trymbill in his father, Sólon frá Þúfum. Strengur’s mother, Harpa frá Þúfum is a daughter of Kiljan frá Steinnesi and Sónata frá Stóra-Ási, who’s the sister of Trymbill, so there are quite a few loops in his pedigree that trace back to the blood we strongly believe in.

Strengur is really even in all gaits and has exceptionally good temperament. He has an uphill conformation, supple neck and strong backline. He seems to have endless speed and suppleness in his gaits and we are really hopeful about this promising stallion’s future.

Read more about Strengur’s qualities and history in the news article here

Strengur frá Þúfum, Awarded with highest FIZO score of 2023
Strengur frá Þúfum conformation four years old

Highest FIZO Assessment

Spring Breeding Evaluation at Hólar í Hjaltadal 2019
Rider : Mette C. M. Mannseth

Head 8
Neck, withers and shoulders 9
Back and croup 9
Proportions 9
Legs 8.5
Joints 8
Hooves 8.5
Mane and tail 8.5
Conformation 8.74
BLUP 136
Tölt 8.5
Trot 8.5
Pace 8.5
Gallop 9.5
Spirit 9
General Impression 8.5
Walk 8.5
Rideability 8.6
Slow Tölt 7.5
Canter 8.5
Total 8.65
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