IS2009258164 - Sif frá Þúfum

Sif frá Þúfum & Mette Mannseth
Color: Bay with a star
Father: Gaumur frá Auðsholtshjáleigu
Mother: Komma frá Hóli v/Dalvík
Owners:Gísli Gíslason
Mette Camilla Moe Mannseth

After showing Komma frá Hóli v/Dalvík at Landsmót 2008, we got to get her first foal and we chose to cover her with the Landsmótswinner of 2008, Gaumur frá Auðsholtshjáleigu. Komma has a very interesting pedigree with a lot of Kjarnholt genes and she herself had a calm temperament, very good stride length and a lot of “schwung”. Komma lived at Þúfur for several years as we got few more offsprings from her, such as the great Sólon frá Þúfum.

Sif was from the start very promising. She has a light-built body with long legs and a round and strong neck. She has quality gaits with elegant, high-stepping, long strides and very powerful willingness. She has a very good and fun to ride trot, with an X-factor in our opinion. You could never feel her getting tired, as she always wanted to try her best for the rider.

It took some time to piece everything together, but she was for some years a competition-horse with good results, receiving over 7 in tölt T1 and fourgait V1, as well as competing at Landsmót in Gæðingakeppni in 2016.

Our emphasis with the stallion choice for her has been to breed a broader back as well as easy gaits. She is one of our younger breeding mares as her oldest foal just came in for training in the fall of 2022.


ID number and name

IS2019158164 – Loki frá Þúfum
IS2020258164 – Frigg frá Þúfum
IS2022258164 – Silkisif frá Þúfum
IS2023258164 – Nn frá Þúfum



Trymbill frá Stóra-Ási
Blundur frá Þúfum
Trymbill frá Stóra-Ási
Hannibal frá Þúfum

Highest FIZO Assessment

Late Summer Breeding Evaluation at Sauðárkrókur 2015
Rider : Bjarni Jónasson

Head 8
Neck, withers and shoulders 8
Back and croup 8
Proportions 8.5
Legs 7.5
Joints 7.5
Hooves 8.5
Mane and tail 7.5
Conformation 8.04
BLUP 117
Tölt 8.5
Trot 9
Pace 6
Gallop 8.5
Spirit 8.5
General Impression 8.5
Walk 7.5
Rideability 8.08
Slow Tölt 7.5
Canter 8
Total 8.15
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