IS2003265075 - Píla frá Syðra-Garðshorni

Píla frá Syðra-Garðshorni og Mette á LM 2008
Color: Black
Father: Adam frá Ásmundarstöðum
Mother: Kleópatra frá Nýjabæ
Breeder: Ingólfur Kristjánsson
Owners:Mette Camilla Moe Mannseth
Kristján Tryggvi Jónsson
Ingólfur Kristjánsson

Honorary prize for offsprings

Píla came for training at Þúfur in 2008. She had good movements straight away and all the gaits seemed to be there. We started her and then agreed with the owner that our training would be payment for us to acquire half of Píla. She has great majestic looks, the willingness and the supplest tölt you could think of, like sitting on a cloud (if one can imagine). She developed really well in her training and then did a great job at Landsmót 2008, winning her class of five year old mares and receiving the Hremmsu-skjöldur.

Her majestic looks are also in her offsprings. They have very good forwardness, some of them a bit too much. All of them have become very good horses and are competition horses in Iceland and abroad. The first mare she gave us is the horse that we feel is the most like herself; Svarfdæla but she received 9,5 for slow tölt. Pílatus, her third offspring, became European champion for gaited horses in 2022 with his rider Laura Grimm.


Pílatus frá Þúfum and Laura Grimm in Germany
Pílatus frá Þúfum and Laura Grimm in Germany
Svarfdæla frá Þúfum og Mette á LM2022
Svarfdæla frá Þúfum og Mette á LM2022
Pistill frá Þúfum og Mette á LM2022
Pistill frá Þúfum og Mette á LM2022
Nafni frá Dýrfinnustöðum. Son of Píla

Assessment of offsprings

To be published. 

ID number and name

IS2009158160 – Pílagrímur frá Þúfum
IS2010165075 – Prins frá Dalvík
IS2011158160 – Pílatus frá Þúfum
IS2012158160 – Pipar frá Þúfum
IS2013158160 – Pardus frá Þúfum
IS2016258164 – Svarfdæla frá Þúfum
IS2017158162 – Pistill frá Þúfum
IS2018158695 – Nafni frá Dýrfinnustöðum
IS2019158162 – Pontíus frá Þúfum
IS2020258169 – Nn frá Þúfum
IS2021258164 – Pandóra frá Þúfum





Hróður frá Refsstöðum
Seiður frá Flugumýri II
Hróður frá Refsstöðum
Fróði frá Staðartungu
Trymbill frá Stóra-Ási
Stjörnustæll frá Dalvík
Hringur frá Gunnarsstöðum
Hágangur frá Narfastöðum
Trymbill frá Stóra-Ási
Þór frá Torfunesi
Hannibal frá Þúfum

Highest FIZO Assessment

Landsmót 2008 in Hella
Rider : Mette C. M. Mannseth

Head 8
Neck, withers and shoulders 9
Back and croup 8.5
Proportions 9
Legs 7
Joints 7.5
Hooves 8
Mane and tail 8
Conformation 8.29
BLUP 120
Tölt 9
Trot 8.5
Pace 7.5
Gallop 8.5
Spirit 9
General Impression 9
Walk 7.5
Rideability 8.64
Slow Tölt 8.5
Canter 8
Total 8.50
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